Article: Zodiac Fashion

Published on A Magazine Reader 06

In fashion magazines, there is always a section that has readers rush to read it. It’s neither about fashion nor celebrities, it’s about something way more intangible: horoscopes. These predictions based on zodiac signs provide guidance to the unknown. The powerful vocabulary used to describe the mystical celestial positions, and how these supposedly affects our lives, dives into the reader’s emotion, convincing them that ‘this is the future’ and ‘this is what you are going to do’...
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Podcast: Disconnecting Clothes

With Lindy Boerman, presented via ArtEZ studium generale podcast

In this episode, Chloe Chen, (BA psychology National Cheng Kung University Taiwan and first-year student ArtEZ MA Fashion Strategy) and Lindy explore the disconnection between the wearers of fashion and their physical clothes and try to find out where it comes from, as well as the disconnection we experience as consumers with the things that surround us...
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Honours Programme: RE:PLACE - Subproject Re:connect

Organized by Radboud Unicersity Honours Academy & ArtEZ Honours Programme

With the bridges to and from Nijmegen in mind, Re:connect aims to connect people, projects,and places. This platform is a collaboration of students from ArtEZ (Arnhem) and Radboud (Nijmegen) and emerged from the honours program ‘RE:PLACE’. Re:connect is a co-creative place to explore already existing bridges and form new ones, both on- and offline...
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